Traditional Pot Woven With Bark of a Tree

An earthen pot used for preparing rice beer by the Maring tribe

Earthen Pot is one of the greatest invention in the history of human civilization. Every civilizational need of human life possesses signature of a cultural group, community or individual. Pot as an intimate civilizational need also endorses different historical and cultural values of the population who makes and uses it. There are several earthen wares and ceramic materials identified with different type of art work and signatures providing cultural identity of a particular community or geographical areas.

Presenting in this video is a bark woven pot used by the Maring tribe of Manipur in their festive and religious occasions. The tribe purchase and exchange goods to obtain pots from the neighboring Meitei community at Andro village and they give their ethnic signature by weaving the outer surface with barks and convert the pots uniquely decorated vessel for ceremonial uses. This ethnic touch allows them to called Maring Yu Chaphu means the Maring vessel for keeping rice beer.

The video was taken on mobile during field work at Shandangshemba Maring village and workshop at the Tribal Museum and Research Centre Imphal, Manipur (INDIA).


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Ningthou kangleingakpa said...

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