अनकहा अभिव्यक्ति

Sri. P.P. Vijayan Nair hails from Ashok Nagar, Erumathala, Ernakullam District of Kerela. Incredibly, his visual sense of expression, extra skill of picturisation, and thoughtful imagination has been an important tool of communication, which he expressess through paintings with sensible amount of brush strokes laid on simple and plain drawing papers. His extra sense of captivity, understanding of lines, colours and geometrical forms is truly reflected in his paintings. Although Sri. Vijayan was born with hard of hearing and communicating; even he seems to have born with the skill of art and his work deserve to be addressed as the one so called the gifted artist with communicative excellence.

Having displayed sufficient amount of art work on plain and drawing papers he now have arrived at a high degree of perfection in colouring and design. He spend most of his time, be it a holiday or in office leisure hours or at his residence, he seems almost engaged in communicating his thoughts, imaginations and all those layers of pictures and frames, those perhaps are lingering into his mind through a medium of art.
It is a matter of great pleasure that Mr. Vijayan desires to feature his paintings from time to time under the coloumn UNTOLD EXPRESSIONS.

Features on UNTOLD EXPRESSIONS will continue....

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