The Best-ever Freeware List on WWW

The Best-ever Freeware List on WWW
Mohammad Rehan
IGRMS, Library Bhopal

1 Best Free Web Browser:
[1] (5.6MB)
[3] (4.6MB)
[4] (1.9MB)
[5] (1.86MB)
[6] (6MB)

2 Best Free Anti-Virus Software :
[1] (16.0MB)
[2] (8.8MB)
[3] (13.9MB)
[4] (8.7MB)
[5] (13.2MB)
[2] (2.3MB)

4 Best Free Browser Protection Utility :
[1] Free for personal use, Win2K and later, 310KB
[2] Freeware, all Windows version, 2.5MB
[3] Freeware, All Windows versions, 913KB

5 Best Free Firewall :
[1] (7.3MB)
[2] (8MB)
[3][ (2.7MB)
[4] (6.3MB)
[5] (9.0MB)

6 Best Free Trojan Scanner/Trojan Remover :
[1] (6.17MB)
[2] (13.2MB)

7 Best Free Rootkit Scanner/Remover :
[1] Free beta, Windows 2K/ XP/Vista, 879KB
[2] Freeware, All Windows versions, 231KB
[4] Freeware, Windows NT/ 2K/XP, 480KB
[5] Freeware, Windows NT/2K/XP, 2.1MB
[6] Windows 2K/XP/2003, 626KB
[7] <= How to deal with the threat of rootkits

8 Best Free Intrusion Prevention and Detection Utility for Home :
[1] Freeware, Windows 2000 and later, 4.7MB[2]
[2] Free for personal use,Win2K and later.

9 Best Free Anonymous Surfing :
[1] Freeware, Any Windows system with Java
[2] Free BSD License, All Windows, 4.6MB
[3] Freeware, Windows NT and later, 11MB

10 Best Free Software Suite :

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11 Best Free File Manager :
[1] Free for private use, Win 95 and later, 899KB
[2] Free for private use, Win 98 and later, 623KB.
[3] All Windows versions, Free for private use
[5] Freeware, Windows 95 and later, 1.61MB

12 Best Free Email Client
[1] Free Open Source software, Win 98 and later, 6.0MB
[4] Freeware, Win 95 and later

13 Best Free Web Mail Accessory :
[1] Free GPL license, Win95 and later, 1.48MB
[2] Freeware, Windows 98 and later, 813KB
[4] Free Open Source, 1.5MB
[5] <= Installing Mr Postman
[6] <= MrPostman forum
[7] Freeware, Windows 95 and later, 818KB

14 Best Free Clipboard Replacement Utility :
[1] Windows 98 and later, 382 KB
[2] Windows 95 and later, 422KB
[3] .3MB

15 Best Free HTML Editor :
[1] Free Open Source, Windows 98 and later plus Linux, 6.57MB
[4] Free, Windows 98 and later, 5.2MB
[5] Freeware, All Windows versions, 3.4MB

16 Best Free Spam Filter for the Average :
[1] ( 3.05MB)
[2] (1.57MB)
[3] (1.87MB)
[4] <=brief review of the best spam blockers
[5] Windows ME and later, Outlook Express 5.5 and later or Outlook 2000.

17 Best Free Spam Filter for Experienced Users : (4.3MB) (3.6MB) (113KB)

18 Best Free Popup Stopper :
[1] Freeware, All Windows versions, 1.38MB

19 Best Free Desktop Search Utility :
[1] X1 Enterprise Client, Free for personal use, Windows XP, 12.9MB.
[2] Freeware, Windows 2000 SP3 or later, 5.3MB
[3] Freeware, Windows 2000 SP3 or later, 2MB
[4] Freeware
[5] Freeware, Windows 98 and later. 3MB

20 Best Free Digital Image Viewer :
[1] (874KB)
[2] (3.3MB)
[3] (3.0MB)

21 Best Free Digital :
[1] (7.7MB)
[2] (7.4MB)
[3] Freeware, Win2K and later, 3.6MB
[4] Freeware, all Windows, 19.4MB
[5] Free for personal use, Windows 98 and later, 1.6MB
[6] Free Open Source, Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, 20.7MB.

22 Best Free Digital Photo Organizer :

23 Best Free Text Editor :
[1] Free for non-commercial use, Windows NT and later, 2.9MB
[2] Freeware, Windows 98 and later, 241KB
[3] Freeware, All Windows versions, 1.4MB
[4] Open Source Freeware, All Windows versions, 1.03MB
[5] Freeware, all Windows versions, 3.4MB
[6] Freeware, All Windows versions, 1.6MB
[7] Freeware, All Windows versions, 1.2MB

24 The Best File Archiver/Zip Utility : Windows 9x and later, 3.1MB Windows 9x and later, 1.05MB

25 Best Free Hotkey Utility :
[ 1] Freeware, all Windows versions, 1.75MB
[2] Freeware, all Windows versions, 707KB
[3] Freeware, Windows XP, 804KB
[4] Freeware, all Windows versions, 170KB

26 Best Free Registry Cleaner :
[1] Freeware, All Windows versions, 2.8MB
[2] Freeware, Windows 98 and later
[3] Free for non-commercial use, Windows 98 and later, 457KB
[4] Freeware, All Windows versions, 2.1MB

27 Best Free BitTorrent Client :
[1] Open source, any PC that supports Java, 8.6MB
[2] Freeware, all Windows versions, 170KB
[3] Freeware, any PC that supports Java, 8.1MB

28 The Best Free FTP Client :
[1] Free Open Source, Windows NT and later, 3.4MB
[2] Free for non commercial use, Windows 2000 and later 3.3MB
[3] Free GNU license, All Windows version, (1.4MB)

29 Best Free Bookmark Cleaner :

30 Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility :
[1] CCE41AF06EB7&displaylang=en (844KB)
[2] (1.9MB)

31 Best Free Screen Capture Utility :
[1] (2.7MB)
[2] (2.6MB)
[3] (1.4MB)

32 Best Free Search Toolbar : (3MB) (327KB) (447KB)

33 Best Free Download Manager :
[1] Freeware, All Windows versions, 2.34MB
[2] Freeware, All Windows versions, 1.59MB
[4] Freeware, all Windows versions, 1.43MB
[5] Free for personal use, All Windows versions, 2.9MB
[6] Free Firefox extension, 425KB

34 Best Free Web Site Ripper : Free GPL, All Windows versions, 3.3MB

35 Best Free Download/Upload Meter
[1] (601KB)
[2] (806KB)

36 Best Free TCP Settings Tweaker

37 Best Free File Cleaner
[1] Freeware, all Windows versions, 1.4MB
[2] Freeware, Windows 98 and later, 667KB
[3] Freeware, Windows version unstated, 331KB.

38 Best Free Resource Meter
[1] (92KB)
[2] (1.65MB)

39 Best Free Sticky Notes Utility
[1] (723KB)
[3] (550KB)
[4] (596KB)

40 Best Free Secure Erase Utility

[1] Free GNU license, all Windows versions, 2.4MB
[2] Freeware, Windows NT and later, 1.24MB
[3] Free Open Source, All Windows versions, 1.99MB

41 Best Free Registry Editor

[1] Freeware, All Windows versions, 2.0MB.

42 Best Free Process Viewer
[1] Freeware, Windows 9x and later, 640KB.
[2] Free beta, Windows 2000 and later, 1.09MB
[3] <= alternative download link

43 Best Free System Information Utility

[2] Freeware, all Windows versions, 2.9MB
[3] Freeware, all Windows versions, 4.0MB
[4] Free beta, Windows XP Pro with 512MB RAM on the administrator's
[5] Free for personal use, all Windows versions, 945KB
[6] Freeware, Win98 and later, 1.18MB

44 Best Free Search and Replace Utility
[1] Freeware, all Windows versions, 572KB
[2] Freeware, all Windows versions, 992KB
[3] Free for private use, 1.03MB

45 Best Free Outliner

[1] Free Mozilla Public license, Windows 98 and later, 1.7MB
[2] Free MIT X11 License, all Windows versions, 680KB
[3] Free Open Source, any system with Java, 3MB.

46 Best Free Rename Utility
[1] Freeware, all Windows versions, 734KB
[2] Freeware, all Windows versions, 648KB
[3] Freeware, Windows 98SE and later, 622KB
[4] Freeware, all Win versions

47 Best Free Digital Image Stitcher

48 Best Free PDF Writer ( 2.6MB) (1.04MB)

49 Best Free File Comparison Utility

50 Best Free Paint Program

51 Best Free Time Correction Utility

52 Best Free Startup Manager
[1] (59KB)
[2] (68KB)
[3] (466KB)
[4] (468KB) <= Alternate Starter download site

53 Best Free Wi-Fi Network Finder Utility

54 Best Free NFO Viewer

55 Best Free Data Recovery Utility

56 Best Free Remote Access Software .

57 Best Free PIM
[1] Free Open Source, Windows 2000 and later, 5.8MB
[3] (1.2MB)
[4] Free for non commercial use, All Windows versions, 1.7MB
[5] Free for personal use, Windows NT SP6 or later plus Mac OS X,

58 Best Free Windows Driver Backup Freeware, Windows 98 and later, 1.4MB

59 Best Free Program Un-installer
[1] Free for personal use, Windows 98 and later, 40KB
[2] Free Open Source, Windows 2000 and later, 133KB.
[3] All Windows versions, 1.23MB.
[4] Freeware, Windows XP, 898KB.
[5] All Windows Versions, 684KB
[6] Freeware, Windows 98 and later, 3.7MB

60 Best Free Internet Accelerator <= FAQ

61 Best Free Windows Toolbar Backup

62 Best Free Encryption Utility for Personal Use at Work

63 Best Free CD Catalogue Organizer

64 Best Free File Encryption Utility
[1] Freeware, All Windows Versions, 25KB
[2] Freeware, all Windows versions, 1.042MB

65 Best Free Drive Encryption Utility

66 Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader

67 Best Free Disk De-fragmenter
[1] Freeware, all Windows versions,12.1MB
[2] Freeware, all Windows versions, 1.4MB
[3] Freeware, all Windows versions, 4.3MB
[4] Freeware, NT and later, 55KB
[5]" Freeware, NT and later, 397KB

68 Best Free Dictionary/Thesaurus Utility
[1] (6.96MB)
[2] (8.3MB)

69 Best Free Spell-Checker

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