Bibliography : Tribal Art & Crafts

Tribal Art & Craft: Bibliography
Mohammad Rehan, [Lib. Inf. Asstt.]
Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Bhopal [M.P.]

Journal Articles
1 Kochar, V K
A note on some Drawings by Onge of Little Andaman.
1965: 25-26
** Tribes; Tribes-Onge; Tribal Drawing Art-Onge; Onge-
Little Andaman.
Control No. : 5555
2 Sarkar, Sabita Ranjan
On the Study of Primitive Art in India.
1968: 89-97
** Primitive Art; Primitive Art in India; Anthropology;
Tribal Art.
Control No. : 5783

3 Mukerji, Sankarananda
Folklore of the Sundarban Tribes.
1969: 97-100
** Tribes-Sundarban; Folklore; Tribal Folklore; Folklore
Sundarban Tribes; Anthropology; Tribal Art and Recreation
Control No. : 5889

4 Koppar, D. H.
Tribal art and its place in the enthnological museum.
** Tribal art; enthnological museum.
Control No. : 6417

5 Lochan, Pramila
The Kitab-I-Nauras: An Aesthete's Tribute
** Aesthetics; Art-Indian-History; Kitab-I-Nauras-Poetry-
Ibrahim Adil Shah II-Aesthetic tribute.
Control No. : 6433

6 Bora, D K
The Wood Carvings of the Wanchos of Arunachal Pradesh.
** Art-Indian-History; Tribal Art-Wanchos; Art-Wood
Carving; Wood Carvings-Wanchos-Arunachal Pradesh.
Control No. : 6536

7 Sisodia, Vishnudev N.
"Pancvi" the magicio: Religious art of the Varlis
** Varlis tribe; religious art; Pancvi.
Control No. : 9769

9 Aryan, Subhashini
Tribal art: Visual expressions of vivid tales
DISCOVER INDIA, 4(7), 1991: 10-13
** Tribal art; Indian art.
Control No. : 15891

10 Aryan, Subhashini
Expressions of tribal genius.
DISCOVER INDIA, 6(2), 1993: 46-49
** Art-Himalayan tribes; craft-Himalayan tribes; tribal
Control No. : 16660

11 Annapurna
Traditions and newer traditions.
DISCOVER INDIA, 11(12), 1998: 26-29
** Tribal art-India; tradition-painting art.
Control No. : 17832

12 Mohan, Kumud
A German tribute.
DISCOVER INDIA, 11(12), 1998: 72-74
** Indian art; museum-Indian art-Berlin.
Control No. : 17879

13 Chakravorty, Padmini
Social Structure of the Tribals of Tripura as reflected
through their Dances.
FOLKLORE, 228, 1979(February): 31-39
Vol 20 (2).
** Folklore; Folk-Tribal Social Structure-Tripuri Tribe-
Dance; Folk-Dance-Social Structure-Tribe-Tripura; Folk
Dance-Social Structure-Tribe-Tripura; Folk Art-Dance-
Tripura Tribe-Social Structure.
Control No. : 19782

14 Cranstone, Bryan
Three 'tribal art' sales.
ANTHROPOLOGY TODAY, 3(1-6), 1987: 19-20
Control No. : 24137

15 Silver, Harry R
Beauty and the "I" of the Beholder: identity, asthetics,
and social change among the Ashanti
** Anthropology; Tribal Identity; Tribal Visual Art-
Modern Developments; African Tourist Arts; Ethnography;
Triabal Art-Modernisation-Ashanti; Ashanti; Tourist Art;
Tribal Study; .
Control No. : 50378

16 Aryan, Subhashini
Tribal art of India.
INDIAN AND FOREIGN REVIEW, 22(19), 1985: 23-26
** Tribal art-India; art.
Control No. : 55004

17 Maiti, Sameera
Tribal arts and crafts: A study among the Tharu of Uttar
INDIAN ANTHROPOLOGIST, 31(2), 2001: 69-74
** Anthropology; tribal arts; tribe-Uttaer Pradesh; craft
art-Tharu-Uttar Pradesh; Tharu-Uttar Pradesh.
Control No. : 57036

18 Jain, Jyotindra
Tribal crafts, and the case of Mohammed and the mountain.
THE INDIA MAGAZINE, 4(3), 1984: 74-75
** Art; craft.
Control No. : 57470

19 Jain, Jyotindra
Painted myths of creation: The art and ritual of a Indian
THE INDIA MAGAZINE, 5(2), 1985: 20-29
** Tribal art; art-tribe-India; ritual-tribe-India;
Control No. : 57630

20 Chakraverty, Somnath
Wall embellishments: Tribal murals of Chhotanagpur
THE INDIA MAGAZINE, 6(2), 1986: 22-27
** Tribal murals-Chhotanagpur; tribal art; art; paintings
tribals-Chhotanagpur; wall paintings.
Control No. : 57786
21 Tiwari, Jyotsna
Beliefs, traditions, needs...: Perpetuating the rural art
of terracotta
THE INDIA MAGAZINE, 6(5), 1986: 62-64
** Rural art; art; terracotta; tribal art.
Control No. : 57837

22 Patil, Manisha
Bastar wood work.
THE INDIA MAGAZINE, 7(4), 1987: 36-40
** Craft; wood work-Bastar; tribal art-Bastar.
Control No. : 57997

23 Hrahsel, Zothanpari
North eastern tribal art.
THE INDIA MAGAZINE, 7(7), 1987: 78-85
** Art; tribal art-north east.
Control No. : 58052

24 Das, A. K.
A Naga warrior's mask: A dilemma of authenticity
THE INDIA MAGAZINE, 11(12), 1991: 82-83
** Tribal art; Naga mask; mask.
Control No. : 58848

25 Das, A. K.
Commercialisation of tribal art.
THE INDIA MAGAZINE, 12(3), 1992: 80-81
** Tribal art.
Control No. : 58894

26 Thiagarajan, K. M.
Tribal art: Beyond the mask of civilisation
THE INDIA MAGAZINE, 12(4), 1992: 18-31
** Art; tribal art-India; tribals.
Control No. : 58899

27 Nath, Tribhuvan
A prophetic world.
THE INDIA MAGAZINE, 13(9), 1993: 54-61
** Art; S. S. Bhatti, painter.
Control No. : 59298

28 The magical script.
THE INDIA MAGAZINE, 14(7), 1994: 52-59

The setting up of the folk and tribal section at Bharat
Bhavan involved extensive travels through the tribal
belts of Madhya Pradesh. IN the extract from the
monography, The Magical Script, J Swaminathan describes
his experiences with the HIll Korwas.
** Art; tribal art; art-Hill Korwa.
Control No. : 59422

29 Tribal magic.
INSIDE OUTSIDE, 186, 2000: 36-37
** Tribal art; interior decoration.
Control No. : 63409
30 Dimitriadis, George
Hellenic rock art: State of art, open questions and new
(2-3), 2008: 449-458

The petroglyphs in the region of Philippi were probably
carved by the Hedones, a Thracian tribe that occupied the
lands stretching between the Strymon & Nestos rivers &
from Mt Pangaion to the Rodopi mountain range. The
engraved rock surfaces that are found two kilometres from
the historic town of Philippi may narrate unknown events.
The archaeological evidence suggests a dynamic culture
undergoing a religious transformation process of an
organised society in transition from the LBA to the EIA.
The investigation & study of the Late Bronze & Early Iron
Age engravings are particularly important because of a
signnificant lack of information from written sources.
The study of nomadic tribes, such as the Hedones,
islargely based on fieldwork research project is pledged
to enhnce our knowledge on their religion & mythology, as
well as their economic & cultural development. The main
cruxial tasks have been focused in the present paper: 1.
the link between environment, heritage & open-air museum
mangement & 2. a permanent educational program which aims
to promote civil attention circa heritage care.
** Hellenic rock art; rock art.
Control No. : 66446

31 Geismar, Haidy
What's in a price?

Typically, the auction house salesroom has been
conceived of as an exemplary market: a place in which
ultimate price is fixed by persons at a particular
moment. THis perspective relies on a static a-historical
view of an isolated marketplace. This study views the
auction sale of tribal art as one part of a wider
economic set, within which objects and persons interact
to momentaruly assign price (or not). It hereby expands
the common anthropological use of the notion of a
'tournament' of value (Appadurai, 1998).
** Art market, auctions, price, tournament of value,
tribal art.
Control No. : 67100

32 Ghosh, Asok K . and Chakraverti, Somnath
Genesis and change of tribal art- examples from west
INDIAN MUSEUM BULLETIN, 23-24, 1988-1989: 136-141
Control No. : 72027

33 Oberoi, R. C., Sharma, A. K. and Sharma, S. K.
Environmental limitations, socio-economic status and
constraints of tribal economy in outer Himalayas - a
study of pangi.
JOURNAL OF HUMAN ECOLOGY, 5(1), 1994(January): 63-67
The paper is mainly focused on study the environmental
limitation, socio-economic status, the state of art of
agriculture and the constraints inhiniting the overall
development of the valley. The fruits of development such
as modern technology, improved methods of cultivation and
market facilities are not reaching the people because of
environmental and socio-economic reasons.
** Environment, socio-economic structure, agriculture,
Control No. : 73559

34 Tag, Hui, Das, A .K . and Pallabi, H .
Botanbical resources used in triditional wood carving
industry among the wancho tribe of Arunachal pradesh.
(January): 148-156

Traditional woodcarving system is quite popular among the
wancho tribe of Arunachal pradesh. The art and skills of
wood carving practiced among the wancho community is
closely associated with their age - old religious beliefs
and cultural parctices, which are evident through their
trditional insititutions in the from of morung (bachelor
dormitory), funeral rites, fertility cult and human head
** Traditional woodcarving industry , Botanical
resources, wancho community, Arunachal pradesh.
Control No. : 79169

35 Gogoi, N . K .
Glimpses of social reality throuh tattoos of the wanchos
of Arunachal Pradesh.
(November): 291-297

Tattooing as a form of graphic art occupies a unique
place in the life of a tribal society. It is also a means
of communicvation of valuses and social relations. It
cannot be brushed aside simply as engravings of graphic
Control No. : 81330

36 Features of this issue.
26(2), 1988: 1-8

Jo Caddy portraits recent retrospective, Survival in our
own land, Interviews with artists, Tresurer's report,
Spring exhibition, Members exhibitions, Doug Moran
National Portrait Prize, Portrait demonstration, Tributes
to Margaret Bevan, Art is life plus, Combining the arts,
Recent South Australian art, Christmas Exhibition
Adelaide 88, New members, Raffle winners, R.S.A.S.A.
** Art.
Control No. : 88146
37 Mukherjee, Meera
Gharuas: A metal artisan group and their art
MAN IN INDIA, 54(4), 1974(Oct. - Dec.): 287-303

The gharua of Bastar are a traditional artisan caste who
are attached to and settled near market - places.
Information about these groups was collected while
learning their crafts as a professional sculptor. The
forms of these folk metal artisans have grown through
inter- action over a long period between the crafts- men
and the local tribal users.
Control No. : 92201

38 Annapurna
Traditions and bewer traditions.
DISCOVER INDIA, 11(12), 1998(December): 26-29
** Tribal Art; Warli Painting; Painting; Gond-Painting;
Wall Painting; .
Control No. : 93264

39 Mohan, Kumud
A german tribute.
DISCOVER INDIA, 11(12), 1998(December): 72-74
** Indian Art; Traditional Art; ancient art.
Control No. : 93280

40 Elwin, Verrier and Datta, Sudhindranath
The tribal art.
MARG, 5(4): 30-34
** Tribal; tribal art; .
Control No. : 94606

41 Imam, Bulu
Cultural spatial concepta implicit in tribal art and
identity in Hazaribagh district.
MAN IN INDIA, 73(2), 1993(June): 163-172
Control No. : 95190

42 Jain, Jyotindra
Commercializing tribal art.
SEMINAR, 412, 1993(December): 43-44
Control No. : 101796

43 Imam, Bulu
Tribal India speaks.
** Art.
Control No. : 102641

44 Abidi, Tanveer
Folk and tribal art.
Control No. : 102777

45 Chakraverty, Somnath
Indigeenous tribal art: Strategy for consevation and
ec.): 87-102

In India, the earliest evidence of visual art tradition
is the prehistoric rock art. In the prehistoric art
galleries, the depictions of early tribal life and lore
as well other symbolic representations are predominat.
Therefore, for reconstruction of tribal history in India,
the pictorial evidences of rock art can be regarded as
more dependable and authentic source..
Control No. : 105340

46 Loxley, Anne
Khovar dreamings: Contemporary tribal art in South Bihar,
ART ASIA PASIFIC, 18, 1998: 36-41
** Art; Tribal art-Bihar.
Control No. : 114759

47 Thomas, Nicholas
Islands of history: Reflections on two exhibitions of
Torres Strait islander culture
ART ASIA PASIFIC, 27, 2000: 70-77
** Art; Tribal art-Torres Strait; Art-Torres Strait.
Control No. : 114859

48 Schemes to preserve and promote tribal art and culture.
TRIBAL RESEARCH BULLETIN, 20(1), 1998(March): 37-38
** Tribal development; Tribal arts; Tribal culture; art
and craft-tribes; .
Control No. : 115994

49 Shukla, Shubhalakshmi
Bastar's adivasi women and their art.
MARG, 56(2), 2004(December): 62-65
** Art-Bastar; Tribal art-Bastar.
Control No. : 122261

52 Sharma, Anjali and Sharma, Promila
Handloom weaving - state of art of tribes of kullu
valley, Himachal Pradesh, India.
STUDIES OF TRIBES AND TRIBALS, 7(2), 2009(December):

There are a myriad of craft traditions in India, which
depend on social, economic and regional factors. The
present status of craft in India owes much to the rich
craft traditions of the past. The tribals of Himachal
Pradesh are well known within and outside the country for
the fabrication of woollen clothes of several kinds like
shawls, pattus, patties, lahang etc.
** Craft; Woven; Shawls; Fabrication; Trade;
Control No. : 125264

53 Schemes of the Bihar state govt. submitted to tthe govt. of
India under art. 275 of constitution of India: For the
uplift of scheduled tribes during 1952-53
VANYAJATI, 1(3), 1953(July): 72-74
** Tribal development-Bihar.
Control No. : 126958

59 Chakraverty, Somnath
Cultural configuration of rock art in Jharkhand: A
holistic approach.
(RASI), 11-12(1-2), 2001: 109-112

Jharkhand, the newly formed state in Eastern India,
besides its own political boundaries, has a discrete eco-
cultural setup with considerable dominance of tribal
elements in the overall matrix of culture. Rock art sites
in the state are mostly located with the forests in rock
shelters as also on open boulders in the river valleys..

60 Nzunguba, Ibio
Portee socioartistique et magico-religieuse d'un art du
corps: La rondelle on bois inseree dans la levre de la
"Congolaise a plateau"
LINGUISTICS, 102(2), 2007: 389-401
Article in Franch.

This article analyzes a body adornment: the wooden plate
(nzudu) inserted into the upper lip of the Bira women of
the lturin in Congo-Zaire. The author of this essay
depicts the evolution in meaning of this plate from its
origins as an object of finery and as a traditional
tribal mark..
Control No. : 145033

61 Jain, Jyotindra
Sundaribai: Speaking with clay.
INTERNATIONAL GALLERI, 7(1), 2004: 39-44

Over the last two decades several Indian folk and tribal
artists have crossed borders from their inherited sites
of art practice to explore new possibilities offered by
their contemporary environment and the enter more formal,
urban exhibition spaces..
Control No. : 147678

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