OO-CHAKRI- a traditional wooden grinder

Heavy and massive in structure, this kind of traditional wooden grinders were used widely in the rural and tribal areas of Manipur. It was an important household item exclusively meant for grinding paddy for domestic consumption. Even after the introduction of electric mills highly equipped with sophesticated mechanical devices, still there are some villages in Manipur where Oo-Chakri of this kind are used for
grinding paddy.

Prepared from two separate logs of either Heinou (Mango) or Theibong (Jackfruit) tree, it looks similar in
sizes. However, these logs are structured according to its mechanical functions. The upper part of the grinder is called Makhum and the lower one is named as Mahak.

Meitei term for grinder is Chakri and it is synonymous to the word- obstructions. The term Chakri is given
to denote the obstructions and frictions created between the two logs. Mahak possess a central shaft through which the upper body Makhum is mounted. The teeth of both the segments are prepared in reversed order to one another so that at the time of rotating the upper body by pouring grains, it may able to crush and grind inside. The upper log has an inlet for pouring grains which allows to pass into the grinding teeth of both the logs. In the olden days, huge grinder of this kind was an important item of pride possession.

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