Anything around you may be a piece of Art. It needs only a sense of visualisation that how an image can be composed with your imagination and presented before the people. What you see and what you sense may truly be an object but how you have visualised it becomes more important. An artistic composition may attract your attention and may sometimes create an illusionary piece of art. This art work born out of the imagination of a person makes you compel to see it again and again. Art-piece may be produced in different visual media like painting, sketching, modelling, imaging or photography, crafting, carving, engraving, molding so on and so forth.
Physically, what we see, may not necessarily be the same to an artist or a creative person. He or she may sense, visualise, and transform it into a creative forms sensed by his or her imagination or thought and the reflections of which becomes a product of Visual or Creative Art.
When we see any object, it immediately transferred to our brain as a kind of message and instantly responded with a confirmation of or visual sense about the appearance of what we have seen. But, think for an instance, what happen when we are to sense in a complete darkness. It becomes difficult  for us to instantly confirm the identity of an object or an image in darkness. One becomes virtually more sensitive in darkness, he or she tries to response with stimulus with an excitement and curiosity to know, confirm, and to understand about the identity of an object. At this instance, we create certain images one after another in our mind and this virtual images captivating in our mind, remained stored in our memory. To a visual artists, this imaginative ideas of virtual images lingering into their mind is a piece of art, which they express in different works of art.  

One can create art from his own surroundings and express with different medium of expressions. Let us try with some of the art pieces which I have tried to express with the medium of photography.

Don't you think that I am holding a small fan on my finger tip? 

This is an image taken from the mosaic tiles of floor. Isn't it a piece of Art? What do you see in this image? Probably, the polished surface of a mosaic tile but, I sense that the patterns formed by the polished surface of this tile gives you a beautiful Art-piece. If you could see and sense that, you will definitely realise the underlying idea of taking such kind of photograph.

Every component of this art-form is easily available in your home. All you need is a plastic container generally used in the kitchen for storing sugar or cereals, a Cap, Marker and your Head Phone that you can create an Art-Piece of your own as in the photograph.

Don't you think that a U-CLIP pin ca become a man performing Yoga? What you require is simply a visual and creative sense. You can create multiple figures from the things that are easily available in your surrounding.

Proper arrangement of match sticks can create a figure of a tribal chief. Here, I use the U-Clip pin again to visualise it as a scepter holding by the chief. The chief is shown very comfortable in his posture and he is ready to hear you and solve your problems.



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