Traditional Garo house type of  Meghalaya 
added in IGRMS Exhibition..

Traditional Garo house type in the IGRMS campus
Garo Youth displaying the artificial nest prepared
for hanging on the branches of tree to shelter birds.
The house of common man in Garo language is known as Nokmang. This housetype in the Museum becomes popular with visitor's complement - 'the house with a nice hair-cut'. It sounds very interesting to hear such a beautiful complement from the visitors. Indeed, the most attractive and interesting part of the house is its unique pattern of nicely trimmed roof. Nokmang has three rooms each of which are separated bybamboo-matted walls. The central hall being the most important room and it is bigger in size than other rooms. inspite of their rutine household activities, the room reserves special place for its ceremonial, ritual and religious conduct. Most of the important ceremonies takes place in this room. The foremost enclosure in every Garo family is reserved for domestication of a Cow/ Bull which has immense importance in the socio-religious activities. The entrance has sliding door prepared from bamboo-splitted mat hanging on a sliding frame of bamboo tube. Two or three outward extension on pile structure from the side of the house has multifunctional importance. It is a raised platform sometimes used to spend leisures, and for drying grains and other kinds of household commodities. The right side extension is specially meant for the guest who visits them.

Many more aspects of Garo house can be explored by visiting the Museum. Pay your valuable visit and let us know,

What makes this bamboo dominated house type so attractive?

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