Body-piercing, be it ancient or modern, remain an important ritual and ceremonial practices associated with spiritual, social and religious belief of a society. In may of the ancient society, the ceremonial and ritual conduct undergoes with painful act of piercing the body. It is held with a firm belief to attain posterity of the people concern. To communicate with the spiritual and subterranean world to be blessed with for prosperity and well being of the society, the most able person indulge himself in such kind of physical afflictions.
Below are one such ceremony held in the auspicious month of March 2011 by a sect of population from the land of Kerela who happened to live in the heart of Bhopal city in Madhya Pradesh. Let us have a look of the moments captured through the lense.
- Rajendra Kumar Jhariya

A view from the ceremonial procession

Piercing through the Tounge

Offering to seek blessings

A view from the pulling of  ceremonial cart through
ropes hooked by piercing the body from back

Stepping along with the throny ceremonial footwear

A view of procession

energizing with cold drink
What could be better than this to express "Jor Ka Jhatka Dhire Se lage- Mirindaaaa!"